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Privacy Policy

NASA Auto Repair is in no way shape or form affiliated to National Aeronautic Space Alliance. Rather the name is derived from being in the area.

As all websites today, our website collects basic data that may help us in understanding our users needs and how they interact with us. Such information and technologies used may or may not include depositing of cookies on your computer to remember your session. Logging your IP, receiving your basic contact information with regards to your requests you make to us, etc.

By using this website, you agree that all information that you will submit is public and not private. Under no circumstances will we ask, neither should you provide any personal and confidential information to us via email. When you fill the online form, your information will be sent to us. You agree that we can use the information to contact you with regards to your request and we agree that we will not sell your information to any entities. Information you provide may be inspected by local law authorities should the need arise.

Please do not send us any private information via email, or website.

To opt out from receiving future emails (after having sent us an email). Please send an email to make sure that the email originates from the account you used in the contact form, or at least let us know which email you do not wish to receive emails through. You can also send us emails to update your contact information or you can use the contact form, submit your new email address and in the comment/body text area, tell us which email you want to replace.